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A New Way of Learning Gregorian Chant!

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What normally takes years and thousands of dollars to learn, can now be achieved in a few months, at a fraction of the cost, from the comfort of your own home (or on the go) and on your own schedule. With 8 modules broken down into multiple 15-20 minute lessons (see the list below), this new course takes you deep into the heart of the Catholic Church's most precious musical treasure - Gregorian Chant - and its rich history: taking you from 0 - 100, from knowing nothing about chant to possessing the knowledge and skills necessary to sing or direct with depth of understanding and with prayerful, artistic beauty in the service of Christ and His Church. Viewing 3-5 lessons each week, with various handouts and exercises throughout, this master course will take approximately 6 months to complete. It is Immersive!

This course, as well as future mini-courses, will eventually be hosted on LearnWorlds, one of the most professional, online course platforms. In this current start-up phase, however, it takes place within a free, a-synchronous app (for desktop & phone) called "Volley."

Volley's advantage? It allows us both, student and teacher, to begin right away, without having to wait for all of the lessons to be made first. You can take the course while I make it!

You can learn more about the app here: https://www.volleyapp.com/volley-for-education

What's included in this course?

"Mid-term": live chant rehearsal via Streamyard


  • Neumatic signs of Swiss MSS

  • Neumatic signs of the Laon MSS

  • Alphabetic signs of Romanus

  • Other forms of ancient notation

  • Exercises


  • Anatomy of a Mode​

  • Archaic Modes

  • Modal Evolution

  • Pentatonic Scale

  • "Bipolar" Modes

  • 8 Gregorian Modes (octoechos)

  • Gregorian melodic formulas


  • Different forms of psalmody

  • Intonations, Mediants and Cadences: their forms

  • Rules for mediants and cadences

  • Breathing, phrasing  and timing

  • Melodic character of the Latin tonic accent

  • Latin tonic accent & the structure of the gregorian melodies

  • The Gregorian musical period (section, phrase and period)

  • Hymnody

Conducting & Interpretation

  • Basic concepts

  • Basic gestures

  • Melodic influences

  • Textual influences

  • Melodic/ Textual influences

  • Difficult cases

Vocal training for Chant

  • Posture and Breathing

  • Relaxation and Warm-ups

  • Finding your natural voice

  • Exercises 

"Final": live chant rehearsal via Streamyard

Gregorian Chant Master Course only $499


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