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Christopher becoming a Postulant with Andrew Ulicki (Br Paul) at the Monastery of St Benedict in Norcia, Italy, 2014.


My name is Christopher Jasper, founder and director of the Gregorian Chant Academy. The mission of this academy is to to help inspire and teach Catholics around the world how to better sing and pray this traditional music of the Church (the “Chant of the Ages”) with understanding, through original recordings and a new online master-course (mini courses under development). May the fruit of this Academy give greater glory to God, sanctify and edify the faithful, and help renew a truly Catholic Culture in the world! For more a more personal bio, visit the BIO page (under "About").

The Academy's History:

This academy was born of unusual and unexpected circumstances. In the beginning of 2021, I found myself under-employed, striving to make a living for my family. Realizing my knowledge, experience and passion for Gregorian Chant, I thought I might teach chant online through YouTube tutorials. After all, there are many who make a living that way, right? While my YT subscribers skyrocketed from 0 to now over 14,000, I nevertheless realized that subscriber count does not equal $ and I learned the hard way the great difficulty of making a living only on YT. I continued to struggle, juggling the Academy and the little woodworking business I had at the same time. Finally, in February of 2022, I consecrated the Academy to our Lady, launched the Academy's website and announced a new, online master-course to premier on March 12, the feast of St Gregory the Great. The results were astounding. Ever since the grand opening of this master-course, by the grace of God, I have now been able to make the work of this Academy the sole support of my family and to serve you full time.

How this Academy is Different:

While there are many workshops, seminars, colloquiums, etc around the world - some of which host phenomenal speakers - the student is nevertheless faced with a myriad of obstacles. The price can range from $500 - $1000 merely to attend; additional expenses of traveling to the event, hotels, food, misc items, etc, can bring the total cost to well over $2000 within the States, or that much in airfare alone if traveling to Europe. Because of the brevity of these events, education is necessarily limited; and then there are also the difficulties of scheduling days off work and away from family, plus the various inherent dangers involved in travel.

This academy, on the other hand, is entirely online and a-synchronous, which means no need to travel, no scheduling conflicts, and is far more affordable. The courses are truly immersive and (eventually) hosted on LearnWorlds, one of the most professional online course platforms.

Drawing on my own 25 years of experience and study, and the teachings of some of the greatest minds in the field of Chant over the past 100 years, I offer you a truly immersive course, from the comfort of your own home and schedule.

To learn more about the courses and sign up, jump on over to the COURSES page!

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Christopher with Dom Saulnier at Solesmes, 2010. Sadly, Saulnier is no longer a monk nor priest. Please keep him in your prayers.