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Didactic Books

Didactic Books in PDF
(free downloads)

"The Gregorian Musical Rhythm"

by Dom Andre Mocquereau

"The Rhythm of Plainsong"

by Dom Joseph Gajard

"The Solesmes Method"

by Dom Joseph Gajard

"Textbook of Gregorian Chant"

by Dom Gregory Sunol

"A New School of Gregorian Chant"

by Dom Dominic Johner

"A Grammar of Plainsong"

by the Benedictines of Stanbrook

"Chants of the Vatican Gradual"

by Dom Dominic Johner

Didactic books
(print format)

Laus in Ecclesia (3 volumes)

by Schola St-Gregoire

Gregorian Semiology

by Dom Eugene Cardine

Gregorian Modes

by Dom Daniel Saulnier

Chant Made Simple

by Robert Fowells

Overview of Gregorian Chant

by Dom Eugene Cardine

Esthetique Gregorienne

by Dom Paolo Ferretti



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