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Mrs Ruth Butler

"This course was a literal gift from God. Despite feeling a deep connection with God through Gregorian Chant, as a beginner I was feeling lost and on the brink of quitting my choir until l discovered this course. It is such a pleasure to learn from someone who is so knowledgeable and who teaches that the Chant is first and foremost prayer; that its importance is not just as a performance, but a bridge to God. The depth of Mr Jasper's knowledge is clear and this course offers me the reassurance of learning what I need to know with a depth of understanding that would not otherwise be possible. Having received my Doctorate in Psychology, I can also say that the price of this course is very generous!"

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Mrs Salma Horvath

"This course is phenomenal! Having received my Masters in Music Performance, I can honestly say this course is what I was waiting for my entire musical career while I was in college and too busy to attend those 'colloquiums.' It's all the chant knowledge I wish I had when I was directing choirs. The quality of this course is like a two-semester upper-college course (yet still accessible to beginners) at a fraction of the cost! Completely online, you can study at your own pace without having to uproot your life to attend a sacred music conference, which would barely scratch the surface of what this course provides, and is unmatched in its spiritual element. Mr Jasper demystifies the chant in a very methodical fashion, walking with you every step of the way. And being able to contact him directly with any questions has been invaluable. This course is phenomenal and worth every penny and more!"

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Ms. Amy Marie

"This course has been remarkably helpful! As a member of my parish choir, having just graduated from High School and aspiring to join a traditional Religious order in the near future, I researched options for diving deeper into the world of Gregorian Chant when I found Mr. Jasper’s Youtube channel. I found his videos so practical as well as inspiring that I decided to sign up for his online Master Course! His courses have greatly aided me in the above-mentioned outlets of my life. I would encourage anyone with a love for Sacred Music -- no matter your experience-- to consider Mr. Jasper’s Course as an easy and concrete way to grow in appreciation and understanding of Gregorian Chant."

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