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The Full Story

My name is Christopher Jasper. I was born and raised attending the Traditional Latin Mass. Having sung in choirs and scholas since a small boy soprano, I have assiduously studied & sung chant for 25 years & directed scholas in many locations since 2007. Some of the places I have  directed include:

  • Mel Gibson's private Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills, CA (2007-2009)

  • the historic Five Wounds church in San Jose, CA (2009-2011)

  • Cathedral of St Thomas Aquinas in Reno, NV (2011-2012)

  • St Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Coeur d'Alene, ID (2013-2018)


In addition to personal experience, some of my studies and training include:

  • Advanced studies at the Abbey of Solesmes (2010) & at Le Centre d'Etudes Superieures de la Renaissance in Tours, France (2013), both under the direction of Dom Saulnier, former director of chant research at Solesmes. Sadly, Daniel Saulnier is no longer a monk nor priest. Please keep him in your prayers.

  • Schola Cantor and Choir Bass under Mr Jeffrey Morse from 2001-2007 at St Stephen the First Martyr, in Sacramento, CA (Mr. Morse was himself a student of the late Dr Mary Berry)

  • Continual study & daily praying the Divine Office


Having originally pursued a career in acting, graduating from the New York Film Academy in Hollywood, CA in 2008, I ultimately decided to give up this pursuit after experiencing first-hand how morally depraved the industry is. I then decided to pursue a career in sacred music, working as a professional welder and fabricator in the meantime. In 2014, I entered and became a Postulant at the traditional Benedictine monastery (Monastero di San Benedetto) in Norcia, Italy. After discovering this was not my vocation, I left as an Oblate of the monastery and remain so to this day. In 2020 I started my own modest woodworking company (Jasper Woodworking); In January of 2021 I launched the Gregorian Chant Academy on YouTube and in February of 2022, when the Academy reached a financially stable point, I closed the woodworking business and have worked fulltime on the Academy ever since.

I am currently married with 4 children, living in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho where we attend St Joan of Arc Catholic Church, a Traditional Latin Mass parish.

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